The avionics system controls Andy's many subsystems, including its motors, cameras, radios. Andy's avionics were developed here at Carnegie Mellon and are a novel, low cost, radiation-tolerant design; achieved with a clever mix of custom, space-grade parts and cheap, off-the-shelf ones.

Power Consumption

70 W

Solar Panel power

100 W

Lithium Ion Battery

25 V

Solar Panel Angle

22 deg

User Interface

Andy's user interface is used to send instructions and to monitor its sensors and health. We have to be very careful and certain with our commands, because Andy experiences at least 1.25 seconds of uplink lag due to the speed of light.

Solar Panels

With an effective area of 0.5 m2, the space-rated, triple junction, high efficiency solar panels produce up to around 100 Watts in direct sunlight on the moon. These are Andy's only source of power on the Moon.

Andy Driving Interface