Previous Rovers

Nomad was designed to test remote operation in extreme planetary environments. It was operated in the harsh environment of Chile’s Atacama Desert, by operators in the United States.

Red Rover was the first rover built to meet the expectations of the Google Lunar XPrize. It is built with stereo cameras for 3d video and a telephoto lens capable of monitoring the lunar surface with extreme detail.

Affectionately known as P2, this rover was an early prototype of what later became the Red Rover in the drive to win the GLXP.

Polaris prospects for water at the lunar poles. Since the Sun will always appear low above the horizon at the poles, Polaris' horizontal solar panels will always face toward the Sun.

Zoe roams the Atacama desert in search of life. Zoe has an array of solar cells to collect energy from the sun and plan its day to maximize science returns while maintaining battery levels.

Scarab is prototype rover for lunar polar exploration. Its unique configuration allows it to adjust body posture for ascent and descent of craters and to position a coring drill for soil sampling.